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About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things.
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We currently don't have any available puppies for 2019. Please visit our future litters page to see our planned litters for 2020 or fill out our application.

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All About Jack Russell Puppies

By the late 1800s, the Connemara Jack Russell Terrier was a mainstay on a small handful of farms across Ireland. This type of short-legged Jack Russell terrier developed a following of its own and a select few enthusiasts made it a lifetime commitment to protect desired attributes, keeping out undesired traits and eventually producing their own type. The results from their efforts yielded a small, manageable terrier that came in three coat lengths. Smooth, broken and rough (rough is occasionally referred to as wire, wired or long-haired).

The Connemara is an Irish Jack Russell Terrier.

Some call them English Russells, others call them Shorties or just a Shorty Terrier. Whatever you prefer to call them, they are still a Jack Russell Terrier.

Breeding jack russell puppies.

whelping, raising & placing pups involves a tremendous amount of staying power, effort, education, money & knowledge of applied science.  It is anything but a casual undertaking & the responsibility that comes with it is not taken lightly by us at Connemara. 

Holiday Puppies

Puppies are not stocking stuffers.

We do not promote or sell puppies during the Holiday Season nor do we have a "Christmas Lay-Away" plan encouraging sales during Christmas. Beginning late November, we begin receiving more inquiries than usual; Maybe the kids want a pup, so Mom and Dad start looking. Or they think Christmas morning would be neat to have a puppy show up from Santa. Or they get an idea that (insert name and relation) might like a puppy as a gift. Truthfully at this time of year, it is very seldom a well thought out decision. Not all, but many buyers during the holidays tend to be impulse buyers.

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We all get caught up in magical moments but puppies are not toys. The health and welfare of our puppies has to be our greatest concern as breeders. We are extra careful this time of year to make sure the puppies are placed in the right homes and at the right time.  Impulse buying, household chaos and unusual dangers simply make this time of year a bad time to introduce a new puppy into your home. 

Tinsel, ribbon, tree lights, glass ornaments and so on are really interesting to a puppy. Tinsel and ribbon can easily be swallowed and cause a bowel obstruction. Electrical burns to a puppies mouth can be severe.  Mix these dangers with family fun and excitement on Christmas morning and a puppy getting into these items may go unnoticed.

We can supply you with a list of "puppy supplies" to give to the children. Possibly "Santa" could leave a note explaining It's too cold for a little puppy on a sleigh at night. Santa can also bring lots of important things for a future puppy and maybe even a picture or two of the breed you have promised.

There are many things that a breeder can do to help a family prepare for, plan and anticipate a puppy just after the holidays and do the right thing for their pups. Just ask us for a few ideas. After Christmas, when the child has put down the Christmas toys, he/she will be ready to give all of their attention to their new, fuzzy little family member.

We hope you understand and appreciate how we feel and why.  We will be more than happy to help you plan for a pup to come into your home after the holidays. Or direct you to another breeder who may have some afterwards as well. We are not "Scrooges"… we just want to make sure the placement of each pup is well thought out.

If you feel we might be the right breeder for your next pup, please contact us. We will be happy to help you select a puppy to take home after the holidays.

Wishing each of our Connemara families a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season ~

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This is Murphy, while in Our Polished Puppy Kindergarten Program in Maine. He now lives in New Jersey.

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This is our late "Bailey". She was one of the first jack russells that started it all here at Connemara. She lived to the old age of 15. She was known to carry around a stuffed animal everywhere she went.

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This sweet little jack russell is also a Polished Puppy Graduate of ours. She calls Texas home but she travels the country often with her musician family.

"Sheila and Stephanie raise the nicest dogs. Our Fiona is a true joy and pleasure to have. I can't recommend highly enough! A+++++."
Justin - Maine