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This is an advanced young puppy training program and produces impressive results with a puppy that is only 8-12 weeks of age. This early training will set you and your puppy up for success. Though this is a “well started" puppy with a great head start, he/she is still a very young puppy. It will be necessary to practice training with your puppy when he/she goes home with you at twelve (12) weeks of age. This program will give you a good, solid start with very reliable results.

The Polished Puppy Program is the single most important investment you can make in your new puppy. Space is limited so inquire about availability of a training slot at reservation time.

Training will be billed at $93 per day ($2604 for a full, four-week session) and due when training begins. Once the puppy goes home, you will need to continue working with your puppy - because puppies are like children in that they never stop learning. Training fees are non-refundable. 
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Over 90 Connemara Terrier Puppies have graduated from our Polished Puppy Kindergarten. You can view the pups "End of training videos" on our YouTube page.


Reward Based Force-Free Methods

All training curriculum is science based on how dogs learn; either by consequences (Operant Conditioning) or by association (Classical Conditioning).
Examples of the two types:

Operant conditioning is when puppy learns by the consequences of his specific actions as in “If I sit, I get treats!”
Classical Conditioning is an association as in “If I am getting my nails clipped – This means treats are on the way = I like my nails clipped!”

Our Polished Puppy Kindergarten:

Here is a chance for your puppy to receive advanced training before going home with you. Our training program is currently priced roughly 50% below typical Board and Train Programs offered elsewhere. We offer the deep discount because we understand how crucial it is to get your puppy off to a terrific start.

You can take your puppy home at eight (8) weeks of age and elect to do all beginning training to include housebreaking, manners and teach basic obedience commands or you may elect to go with our boarding school package. If you choose this add-on option, we will spend four (4) extra weeks giving your new puppy a great foundation in life: House-training to pee pad and outside, basic manners, handling, socialization and introductions to environmental stressors such as people, other dogs, places, sights, and sounds. Good chew habits will be practiced, basic obedience commands installed, loose-leash walking, beginner’s recall, and more. Puppy play biting and jumping are also addressed during this time. Everything you need for your puppy to grow up into a well-behaved, easy-going dog - And the potty accidents happen at our house, not yours.

Training is a necessary foundation to ensure you, your family, and your pup get the most out of your relationship. Behavioral issues can be frustrating. Our program can help get your puppy headed in the right direction. We have designed age appropriate curriculum for puppy as he/she matures. All of our training and commands will be practical for daily life. Our training program curriculum was designed by Sheila & Stephanie at Connemara. Sheila was a professional, state certified dog trainer and has trained/worked Police K-9's in her past career. Both Stephanie and Sheila have continued their education by attending many seminars and workshops. Sheila was even enrolled in The Academy for Dog Trainers and studied under Jean Donaldson.

There are several benefits to a board and train program like ours. With a reputable trainer and facility, the pup gets a lot of important training, exercise and mental stimulation, creating the perfect environment to produce a well-trained dog. Proper training provides clear and consistent rules for the pup which the dog owner can put in place once the dog is back home.

The cost for this program is $2,632. This is billed at a daily rate of $94. So if the timing of 4 weeks doesn't work for you and you can only commit to 3 weeks for example. The cost will be $1,974.

Polished Puppy Kindergarten is FOUR weeks of Training. It includes the following:

  • Pup will be introduced to crate and crate-trained; Typically sleeping in the crate for 8 hours at night by the end of their training.
  • Your puppy will practice house-training manners to a pee-pad and/or outdoors.
  • Anti-aggression preventative/training: body handling, nail clipping, food and object guarding.
  • To curb mouthing/biting, puppies will practice bite inhibition - respecting human hands and skin (nipping or mouthing).
  • Proper chewing habits will be established.
  • Puppy will begin with the very basic exercises learning TOUCH and SETTLE. This teaches how ‘the game is played’ so we can move forward.
  • We then begin to teach SIT, LEAVE-IT, DOWN, COME and STAY (verbal and hand signals will be used).
  • Pup will be introduced to a collar, halter and leash so he/she will be comfortable with these items.
  • Loose-leash walking will be practiced.
  • Puppies RECALL will be worked on.
  • KENNEL (puppy goes into crate on his/her own).
  • Socialization with outside world - as in environmental sights/sounds and meeting unfamiliar people and other dogs.
  • Puppy will be introduced to more car travel and changing environments.
  • ‘Home Alone’ training will be practiced too - to help your pup not have Separation Anxiety issues later on.
  • Name Recognition - You will need to provide us with what you are naming your puppy (we need the name once training begins);
  • First set of core vaccines are included and will be given at ten (10) weeks of age.
  • Weekly updates with photos
  • Comprehensive write up at the end of training and weekly updates
  • Youtube video link with a short video showing you what you're puppy has learned.
  • Our polished puppy program is simply the single most important thing you can do for your Jack Russell Terrier Puppy. As your jack russell terrier breeder, we set your jack russell terrier puppy up for success!

Puppies in our Polished Puppy Kindergarten: Puppy Videos

Suggested Reading: We will send home a copy of LIFE SKILLS FOR PUPPIES. In addition, if you are serious about getting good info at your fingertips, we recommend you pick up THE MISUNDERSTOOD DOG while waiting for your new puppy. It is my favorite little book because it is short, easy to read and packed with vital information. This one can be fun too: 51 PUPPY TRICKS because it’s very simple, has many pictures and will show you useful, beginning puppy commands we use in our program…a great book for kids. And THE PUPPY PRIMER because it has a lot of valuable info in it that is not listed in the book we will send home with you.

"We enrolled both of our puppies in the Polished Puppy Program. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a jump start on training. Both puppies came to us being able to sit, down, stay and come when called. They were crate trained and well on their way to being house trained. It was really something to see these little guys come running when called, sit and look up to make eye contact.I think the most important thing was that they learned to learn with positive training methods. This breeding and training combination cannot be matched!"
Cindy in Maine
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Winston and his fun little kiddos in Connecticut. Winston is known to crawl in to bed with his little people at night when comfort is needed. Jack Russell love to snuggle!

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Perrie on her first day of Kindergarten in California. It was her "Moms" first day of College too! Perrie is a first generation heritage puppy.