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About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things.
John Appleseed
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We Recommend The following supplements:

No matter the diet. We recommend that you add an Omega 3 and a Probiotic supplement. See below for the brands we recommend.
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Recommended supplements whether your puppy/dog is on a dry kibble diet or a raw food diet.


K9 Power - "Puppy Gold" (recommended from 4 weeks old to one year old) We start all of our Puppies on this. This is for Puppies!

K9 Power - "Immune dog" - For adult dogs. When your puppy reaches one year old you will transition from the Puppy Gold to Immune Dog. This is for Adults. 1 year old +

Dr. Dobias - "Gut Sense" (Probiotic and digestive support)

Dr. Mercola - Compete Probiotics

Adored Beast - Love Bugs


Dr. Dobias - "Feel Good Omega" (Omega 3)

Baie Run - Omega 3


Dr. Dobias - "Green Min" (Superfood and Amino Acids)

Dr. Dobias - "Soul Food" (Multivitamin)

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