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DOB: 5/3/2018
12 lbs
Smooth Coat

Rascal x Gypsy

ABOUT LADY: She's a social and sweet little gal. She can be independent at times but loves to snuggle up to her little girl Lucy. She is also one smart cookie!

If Lady could live anywhere: Lady is all country. She loves to run free and mingle with others. She would make a great farm dog in any state. ME, NH, MA, PA, NC, TX.
LIKES: Chewing on a fresh new bone. Marrow bones are her favorite.

Sleeping with her person Lucy at night when she lets her.

Seeking out and playing with the cat.

DISLIKES: Crate time. She'd rather be out and about sleeping on her cozy bed.

When her friend Lemon pushes her buttons.

Lady has average terrier instincts when it comes to prey drive (mice) and ball drive (retrieving & chasing). She is a sensible dog and not an over-reactive dog, meaning she uses her head to think a situation through.
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