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DOB: 1/25/2015
WEIGHT: 14lbs
COAT: Smooth Coat

Mini x Cooper

ABOUT TADHG: Tadhg has springs for legs. He can jump quite high!

If Tadhg could live anywhere: Tadhg is one fun loving guy! I could see him living up the night life in Las Vegas, Nevada.
LIKES: Playing with his daughter Chloe.

Chewing on a bone

Running around in the yard

Going for walks in the woods

Practicing agility with his person Lucy
DISLIKES: When he can see something but can't get to it.
Tadhg has typical Terrier instincts when it comes to prey drive (retrieving, chasing balls & squirrels & trailing scents). His pack drive is very high making him a wonderful little terrier who enjoys people. Defensive drives (fight or flight) are low - He is sound in this area.
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