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DOB: 7/16/2017
COAT: Smooth Coat

Banshee x Tadhg
ABOUT ROWLEY: He doesn't live at Connemara Terriers but he has his own family right here in Maine. He also has a big sister who is also a CJRT. Rowley is an easy going fella who loves to play and also loves to take naps.

If Rowley could live anywhere: Rowley seams quite content right here in Maine.
LIKES: Going for walks.


Being with his people.

DISLIKES: When his CJRT sister Clarabelle boses him around.

ROWLEY has average terrier instincts when it comes to prey drive (mice) and ball drive (retrieving & chasing). He is a sensible dog and not an over-reactive dog, meaning he uses his head to think a situation through. Defensive drives; Rowley is not a bully in any way, he never causes trouble and always gets on well with other dogs. He is an absolute delight and get's along with all of the other dogs. Rowley is our Beamish's full brother from another litter. They have alot of the same qualities.