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What You Can Expect From Us. Your Jack Russell Breeder:


  • Listen to what type of puppy you need. We will then make suggestions concerning temperament, sex and timing of puppy coming into your home.
  • Try to build a relationship by answering questions and demonstrate we are experts you can trust. Your puppy will be with you for 15+ years - so our relationship will be long term.
  • Take time to assist and guide you with training or any issues you may have down the road. We see our relationship as a partnership.

  • Simply try to just sell you a cute puppy.
  • Waste our time with prospect families that don’t fit us. This drains our time and keeps us from finding families best suited for our puppies.
  • Set unrealistic expectations. Our goal is to have happy, well informed families that have reasonable expectations. And to keep our reputation intact.
  • Hard-sell or push puppies on people or put psychological pressure on anyone.
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Stephanie (Owner) with a Smithwicks puppy. This is in Rangeley, Maine.

Some more about what we do as your breeder

When you buy a Connemara Jack Russell Terrier puppy, you are buying both a piece of our family and the result of the many years of our training and breeding experience. Not only are our Jack Russell puppies the focus of our lives and energy for the first eight weeks of their lives, but they also represent our commitment to - and knowledge of Jack Russell Terriers.  All of our puppies come from healthy parents with sound bodies and minds.

We have a lifetime commitment to all of the puppies we breed. We hope to remain in contact with our puppy owners throughout the dog's life, so it’s important you feel as comfortable with us as you do with our dogs. We will provide information on the ongoing health of each pup's parents and relatives, as well as suggestions on diet and training. We have regular reunions, sometimes here in our home and other times elsewhere so that Connemara Jack Russell owners and dogs can gather.

Give us a ring if you think we share the same philosophies and that we might be the right breeder for your next puppy. We will discuss options with you and leave you to think on the potential commitment.

What We Expect From You:

We hope that you haven't just searched for the best jack russell breeder or just a jack russell breeder near you. We hope that you have spend some time reviewing our website and share the same philosophies as we do. We believe Jack Russells in general, do not do as well in a home where you are over-scheduled and too busy to add an active, intelligent puppy to your household. We ask that you will have evaluated your circumstances and have made a sound decision about whether you really have the time and energy to add a puppy to your family and, if you do, that a terrier should be your breed of choice.

´┐╝Once you've decided that a Jack Russell puppy is right for you, we then ask you to look at your calendar. Your puppy will be ready to go at eight (8) weeks of age. We are unable to hold puppies longer unless they are staying for our Polished Puppy Kindergarten. We have developed an amazing program for preparing pups for their trip home, whether that be by car or plane, so your pup will be ready to go everywhere with you.

Once home, we ask that you be committed to and focus on your pups socialization and training. That early period is critical to a puppy's long-term development and must be designed to get the most out of these few months. If you are too busy requiring long hours away from the puppy, this is not congruent with the work involved in preparing a young dog for its lifetime. The learning that occurs during those first months cannot be recaptured later.

Another expectation we have is that your puppy will be a significant and beloved member of your family. He or she should live in your home and receive premium food, thoughtful and professional medical care, and lifelong training. We prefer buyers with fully fenced yards but make exceptions if you have the time and available facilities for adequate exercise and constant outside supervision. We prefer experienced owners for our pups, those who have had other dogs since they have become adults. We hope you will commit to daily exercise and training throughout the life of the dog, as well as a weekly “puppy play group” or a “Puppy Kindergarten” program when puppy first comes home with you.

We also hope our families become partners with their veterinarian in their dog's health care, rather than turning all decisions over to their vet. Aside from rabies, our pups should not receive most scheduled vaccines (initial CORE vaccines are an exception) but instead should have titers run prior to receiving any booster vaccines.  *Puppy Parvo and Distemper vaccines are recommended when the pups are young.

We pledge that all of our puppies come from healthy parents with sound bodies and sound minds. We expect that you will have evaluated your circumstances and have made a sound decision and whether you have the time and energy to add a puppy to your family.

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