"Raising Jack Russell Terrier puppies is our greatest pleasure ~ Breeding the Irish Connemara remains our greatest responsibility”

The Connemara Heritage Project

The mission of our Heritage project was and remains to develop a wider gene pool of Connemara Terriers while bringing them back closer to their roots. By choosing the right dogs to bring into the program, we can also improve the Connemara type/strain of Jack Russell Terrier. As always, health and temperament evaluations are a vital component of this program, assessing the health and temperaments of each litter and breeding potential Connemara's.
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The Heritage Project idea began development in 2006 when it became apparent that within ten years, the Connemara would have too small a gene pool to continue offering the Connemara type/style long term. We did not want to infuse our lines with modern day Jack Russell Terrier lines as we were concerned about loosing the good health and temperaments associated with the Connemara name. In 2007, DNA testing and studies began in an effort to develop a program to save the Connemara line of Jack Russell Terrier.

Connemara Heritage puppies are a cross between the Connemara as we know it today and a rare terrier breed now known (through DNA testing) to have been used in the development of the Connemara around the end of the 19th century (1880-1920). The Heritage line produces a Connemara like what one would have seen during the turn of that century. Because we are unable to keep every pup in the Heritage litters, we seek special homes for those we do not select for our breeding program. 

To be clear: This project is an effort to secure the survival of the Connemara Terrier as close to its original form as possible, hence the name; Heritage Line. The Heritage Project will allow the Connemara to continue to enjoy secure survival over the long term. 
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Plans for 2019: We will continue the Heritage project with F1b breedings. Contact us directly for more information on these limited breedings.
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