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Jack Russell Nursery

If you are not ready to place a deposit and would like to be notified about litter news, subscribe below: 

Taboo x Henry. 4 Reservations Available. Ready to go home 11/11/23

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Before you consider one of our puppies, please understand; Our first responsibility is to our puppies…from birth until it draws its last breath. This is a contract written in blood between the puppy and us. It's a contract sealed with a handshake with the puppy's new family. Any pup that originates here will always have a home with us if the family can't keep it or no longer wants it. 

our goal is to give you a memorable experience. We are confident that during the process you will learn more about Jack Russells and gain knowledge on how to raise a happy, healthy terrier. If after reading our pages titled: Breeding Philosophy and Raising Jack Russell Puppies, you feel that you share our philosophies, we invite you to submit an inquiry or ring us so we can discuss the possibilities. We will never forget that it is your hard earned money you will be spending nor that you have placed your faith in us as your breeder. We will do our very best to ensure that your experience is fun and pleasurable and the placement of your next puppy will be a great match for you and your family.

Important information about our jack russell puppies :

We are unable to hold a puppy or a place in line without a secured deposit

Things often change quickly; a puppy you have been discussing with us is not to be considered ‘on hold’. We often have 2-3 people asking about or interested in the same puppy or reservation spot at any given time. 

All our pups are raised using our Polished Puppy Program:

- Our puppies come with a five (5) Year Genetic Health Guarantee (see package details). 
- Our lines have been health tested for 160+ genetic diseases / health screenings. 
- We do not mutilate our puppies - tails and dew claws are intact.
- Puppies are wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age.
- We do not compromise a puppies delicate immune system: Mother's antibodies remain throughout nursing and weeks beyond; 1st vaccines are not given until 9-10 weeks of age.
- Puppies will be microchipped.
- All puppies are $3400. To secure your spot on a litter, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required.
- Sales Tax: Maine requires a 5.5% "point of sale" tax on puppies sold. This means that if you pick up your puppy anywhere in the state of Maine, we must charge sales tax.

If you're not ready to submit a reservation request and would like to ask more questions prior to making a decision, please ring us at; (207) 939-9404. We'll be more than happy to answer your queries. If you are ready to submit your information and to be placed on the reservation list, please fill out the APPLICATION/RESERVATION FORM and submit.

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We have developed a program for our Jack Russell Terrier puppies called the Polished Puppy Program.

Outline for our program:

- Handling and touch conditioning
- Imprinting
- Tactile, olfactory and visual stimulation
- Environment enrichment
- Habituation to environmental stimuli
- Socialization
- Sound conditioning and desensitization
- Mental and physical challenges
- Grooming/nail clipping desensitization
- Temperament testing (at 7 weeks)
- Separation conditioning
- Crate training

We slowly increase the complexity of the puppies' environment as their eyes and ears open and they become more coordinated and their minds can handle problem-solving. We will also let them get themselves in and out of trouble, solving their own problems, while ensuring their safety.  All of our efforts focus on making each pup the best that it can possibly be.

Thinking about a Connemara Terrier?


Raising Jack Russell Terrier Puppies is our Greatest Pleasure - Breeding the Irish Connemara Remains our Greatest Responsibilty. (207) 939-9404

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Look at this sweet trio. These are Lanette's Jack Russells in New Hampshire.

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Sweet "Milou" is a first generation heritage jack russell. She lives in North Carolina.

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"Mulligan" lives with his jack russell sister "Milou" in North Carolina.

"Our Jack Russell Seamus came from Connemara Terriers and we could not be happier. Sheila knows so much about the dogs' history, health issues, behavior and how to best match a puppy to a owner. From our first conversation, it was clear the most important thing to Sheila was the dogs. Puppy cam cemented our early bond to Seamus and the attention he received from Stephanie and her little children made a huge difference in how friendly and well-adjusted he is now. Sheila instantly responds to any issue or question I've had and has been most helpful guiding us as first time JRT owners. A Jack Russell is not for everybody and Sheila makes certain you know it. Seamus is feisty, high-energy, super intelligent, loving and very well adjusted. He loves all people and all animals and is an adored member of our family. We could not be happier in our choice to go to Connemara Terriers for our puppy."
Kim, North Carolina