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Health, Diet and Vaccines for Jack Russell Terriers.

Take your time when viewing the pages within this section. Learn why we believe Health, Diet and Limited Vaccines are so important for Jack Russells. From puppyhood through adulthood!
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We breed for health and temperament first.  Our Jack Russell Terriers have completed the following screenings and clearances: Thyroid panels, Luxating Patellas, Blood Chemistry & Complete Panels run, B.A.E.R. (hearing test). Temperament tested and Comprehensive Personality Profiles done.  They have completed DNA screenings for 160+ known disease markers more recently discovered/mapped.  As more DNA testing becomes available, we will take full advantage and test our terriers.

The Connemara is steeped in Irish history. The Connemara Jack Russell Terrier has history tracing back well over a century. It was originally bred by a small handful of dedicated terriermen and only shared amongst family and friends. This line has been carefully bred to maintain their manageable and agreeable temperaments and superior health. They are known for being fantastic pets who get on well with small children, other dogs and cats. Read more here… Connemara DNA Breed Results

Why is Kibble Causing Heart Failure?

In short - no one knows and it could take up to 5 years to figure it out. Here is the latest from the AVMA.

Here is another good amount of information and video pertaining to the subject:

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Raising Jack Russell Terrier Puppies is our Greatest Pleasure - Breeding the Irish Connemara Remains our Greatest Responsibilty. (207) 939-9404

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"Pearl Grace" was named after her Mother "Gracie". Both were Connemara Terrier breeders and are now retired. Pearl Retired to Rhode Island

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This is "Murphy" in New Jersey. He likes to wear one ear up sometimes.

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Clancy is quite the rough coat! He uses his coat to keep warm in New Jersey.

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Lucky boy "Finnegan" was born to an Irish family. The O'briens in New Jersey.