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It doesn't appear that we had identical twins in this litter. We hand delivered each puppy and all appeared to be in their own sac. Therefore, we didn't have identical twins. I'm actually quite thankful for this! I think it would have been difficult for Goose to deliver two pups at once. Here is a look at the litter when they were just 3 weeks old.

Update on Goose

Goose went for another sonogram on December 4th. The reason for the sonogram was to see if the "twins" have made it this far in to the pregnancy and to also confirm that they still look like twins. Due to the pups being so big, we couldn't get confirmation. So we did an x-ray to get an accurate puppy count. The x-ray showed 7 puppies. This means that if we do in fact have twins, they've made it this far. Goose is due on Dec 12th. Wish us all luck! I'll post another update after they've been born. Take a look at the x-ray below. You should be able to count 7 skulls and 7 spines.

Goose is Expecting Identical Twins

We took Goose for her sonogram at 30 days pregnant and we were told she's expecting 6-7 puppies. Not only is she expecting up to 7 puppies, she has what appears to be identical twins. All puppies in a litter are considered twins but this is different. Identical twins share the same sac and placenta. This is quite rare and I've never seen it before. We hand deliver all of the pups by breaking the sacs ourselves. We would have known if this has happened before. We are a little on the worried side for the two pups but plan to have another sonogram a week before she's due to see the status of the pups and make a solid plan. We will do everything we can to provide them the best odds of survival. Whether that mean monitoring the delivery closely to a possible c-section.