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About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things.
John Appleseed
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DOB: 2/23/2018
COAT: Rough Coat

Rosie x Mud Man

She is a first generation heritage pup. Heritage Project.

ABOUT FERGIE: This little girl is so fantastic in so many ways. She's playful, engaging, sweet, cuddly, and patient. The list goes on and on…She's truly the full package.

If Fergie could live anywhere: Fergie is an amazing soul. I could see her easily growing up in the 60's. Happy to mingle and be free in New York. Or who knows where…she may have a little bit of a gypsy soul…
LIKES: Sleeping with her Mommy at night. Parading her little "pups" around. She's the oldest of the round of pups we recently kept back. She played a huge motherly role to them all. Smithwicks, Guinness, Lemon and Lady

Car rides!

Bully Sticks

Tiny little balls. even as small as a popcorn kernel. She tosses them around and plays with them. Never swallows them. It's the most entertaining thing to watch.
DISLIKES: When the younger pups get out of line. She straightens them out real quick. Much like a mother hen.

Being left behind. She always likes to go along for the ride.

Fergie has average terrier instincts when it comes to prey drive (mice) and ball drive (retrieving & chasing). Very social - She enjoys other dogs and is quite people oriented too. She is a sensible dog and not an over-reactive dog, meaning she uses her head to think a situation through. Defensive drives; Fergie is not a bully in any way, never causes trouble and always gets on well with other dogs. She is always happy, in a playful mood and looking for a good time with anyone willing to play with her.