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All of the photos in this website are of Connemara Terriers. Many were graciously provided by our clients. ©

Five (5) Year Health Guarantee

In addition, we will always be here to take your dog back in the event you can no longer care for it. Have peace of mind knowing your dog will never see the inside of a shelter.

Polished Puppy Kindergarten

For puppies 8-12 weeks

We deliver results and make you the envy of other puppy owners. Everything you need for your pup to grow into a well-behaved dog. Behavioral issues can be frustrating and even dangerous. If you select this option, we will spend four (4) extra weeks giving your new pup a great foundation in life: House-training, basic manners, handling, socialization and introductions to environmental stressors such as people, other dogs, places, sights, and sounds. This is the single most important investment you can make in your new puppy. 

We Health Test

All parents are tested and ruled out for 160 known health genetic diseases. To our knowledge, we are currently the most documented DNA tested and health screened Jack Russell Terrier line.

Dog Training

We are professional trainers

With our training knowledge and ongoing education, we understand the importance of socialization and how it not only impacts the dog for the rest of his/her life but the owners as well. Socialize a pup poorly and when an adult dog, his/her family will pay the price later. Socialize a pup well and you'll have the best chance for your dog to be a permanent family member. You will notice how well your pup is socialized as soon as your Connemara pup arrives.


is 18 years old

This is "Joy". She is currently our oldest known living Connemara Terrier. Here are a few words from her "Daddy". Joy is my sweet little angel that came to me when I really needed her in life. She and I have been through so much together. Joy loves to frolic around the yard snatching up dandelion greens and grasshoppers. She has never been your typical Jack Russell terrier. She has always been calm, sweet, incredibly maternal and loving. She has had zero health issues through her current age. Other than recent hip stiffness, she still runs and jumps! - Michael in Maine

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Holiday Puppies

Puppies are not stocking stuffers.

We do not promote or sell puppies during the Holiday Season nor do we have a "Christmas Lay-Away" plan encouraging sales during Christmas. Beginning late November, we begin receiving more inquiries than usual; Maybe the kids want a pup, so Mom and Dad start looking. Or they think Christmas morning would be neat to have a puppy show up from Santa. Or they get an idea that (insert name and relation) might like a puppy as a gift. Truthfully at this time of year, it is very seldom a well thought out decision. Not all, but many buyers during the holidays tend to be impulse buyers.

Dan Zimmerman Photography

We all get caught up in those magical moments. But puppies are not toys. The health and welfare of the pup has to be our greatest concern as breeders. We are extra careful this time of year to make sure the puppies are placed in the right homes and at the right time.  Impulse buying, household chaos and unusual dangers simply make holiday time a bad time to introduce a new puppy into your home. 

Tinsel, ribbon, tree lights, glass ornaments and so on are really interesting to a puppy. Tinsel and ribbon can easily be swallowed and cause a bowel obstruction. Electrical burns to a puppies mouth can be severe.  Mix these dangers with family fun and excitement on Christmas morning and a puppy getting into these items may go unnoticed.

We can supply you with a list of "puppy supplies" to give to the children. Possibly "Santa" could leave a note explaining It's too cold for a little puppy on a sleigh at night. Santa can also bring lots of important things for a future puppy and maybe even a picture or two of the breed you have promised.

There are many things that a breeder can do to help a family prepare for, plan and anticipate a puppy just after the holidays and do the right thing for their pups. Just ask us for a few ideas. After Christmas, when the child has put down the Christmas toys, he/she will be ready to give all of their attention to their new, fuzzy little family member.
We hope you understand and appreciate how we feel and why.  We will be more than happy to help you plan for a pup to come into your home after the holidays. Or direct you to another breeder who may have some afterwards as well. We are not "Scrooges"… we just want to make sure the placement of each pup is well thought out.

If you feel we might be the right breeder for your next pup, please contact us. We will be happy to help you select a puppy to take home after the holidays.

Wishing each of our Connemara families a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season ~

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The short explanation is that the Jack Russell Terrier was never actually considered a breed until the last decade. There have been many different names used to differentiate between the taller version usually ranging from (12-15") and the shorter version (typically 9-10"-12"). The shorter Jack Russell Terriers are known by many names like: Shorty Jack Russells, Short-legged Jack Russells, Shorties, English Jack Russell Terriers, Russell Terriers, Irish Jack Russell Terriers, Miniature Jack Russell and of course, simply Jack Russell Terrier puppies. While there are some differences in the Jack Russell Terrier world, what matters most, is not what type/size/style of Jack Russell you are considering - But rather the health and genetics behind the line and the breeding and socialization program the breeder practices.


The Connemara is steeped in Irish history. The Connemara Jack Russell Terrier has history tracing back well over a century. It was originally bred by a small handful of dedicated terriermen and only shared amongst family and friends. This line has been carefully bred to maintain their manageable and agreeable temperaments and superior health. They are known for being fantastic pets who get on well with small children, other dogs and cats.Read more here… 
Connemara DNA Breed Results

As your jack russell breeder

we will be an ongoing resource for you both now and in the future, so it is important from the start that we develop a good relationship and are able to work together and trust one another. If interested in a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, Please browse and enjoy our website and feel free to contact us anytime.

Jack Russell Terriers are known by many names

In short, The Connemara Irish Jack Russell Terrier could be considered a Russell Terrier an English Jack Russell or simply an Irish Jack. Some breeders also call them a Shorty or short-legged Jack. While there are some differences in the Jack Russell world, what really matters, is not what type of Jack Russell Terriers you are considering - But rather the health testing and socialization program the breeder practices. 

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