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Chloe x Cully Litter

3 Males & 1 Female. 
These puppies were named after lighthouses in Ireland.

Here you'll find updated pictures and news about the litter. Visit us regularly and see what the pups are up to. You can view individual photos of each puppy below.

Expect updated photos every 7-10 days. 

I will be sending everyone more details about how the picking process works and what to expect when the pups are around 4 weeks old. The email will also include a large attachment with recommendations like food, crate, xpen, collar/harness size, supplements…

If you have any questions along the way, please reach out anytime! 207-939-9404 -Stephanie

Important Dates:
Whelped 1/18/23
Puppy Picking Day 3/5/23
Puppies Go Home 3/15/23
Training Puppies Go Home 4/12/23

Corlis (Male) Rough Coat

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Cromwell (Male) Rough Coat

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Crookhaven (Male)

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Donaghadee (Female)

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While we are ALWAYS happy to have you come directly to our home, sometimes people don't want to make the long drive. If that's the case, we can have our courier drive and meet you part way. Courier fees are per mile. Below we have calculated popular meeting places:

HAMPTON, NH = $160
BOSTON, MA = $240 (Logan Airport)
HOPKINTON, MA = $300 (best choice west of Boston)
NORTH EASTON, MA = $300 (great p/u south of Boston)

If interested in this option, please notify us sooner-than-later so we can make arrangements. 

You also have the option to have our courier fly the puppy in cabin with them to you. If interested, please let us know and we will fill you in on the details and the costs. 


We can fly with your puppy in cabin to you. You are responsible for our ticket, the puppies ticket, the soft sided carrier and the courier fee of $45 an hour from the time the plane takes off to the time the plane returns. We will fly out of Portland, Maine or Boston, Mass. If you choose Boston, you'll need to add the delivery fee of $168. Please let us know if you questions about this options. We can provide more detail.