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DOB: 6/15/2013
COAT: Smooth Coat

Kiley x Seamus

ABOUT MUD MAN: Mud Man is a fun loving little guy that loves to play-play-play. He is quite friendly to people of all ages, very loving and easy to get along with overall.

Mud Man is known around here for being able to entertain himself in the funniest ways. He can throw the ball for himself and catch it.

If Mud could live anywhere: He'd be sitting on his front porch rocking in a rocking chair or content as can be on the riverside somewhere. Could be Maine, New Hampshire or even Massachusetts. I would say he's somewhat of a New England type of boy.
LIKES: Rough play, tugger games, and snuggling up to anyone who will allow it.

A good game of fetch. He loves his tennis ball!

Walks in the woods with his people. Mud is fantastic on the leash!

DISLIKES: Rainy days. Because he can't play outside or go for a long walk.

MudMan Defensive drives (fight or flight) are low, confirming he is steady - neither fearful nor aggressive. Overall he is a playful dog who enjoys the company of other dogs. He has been a wonderful addition here and is so easy to be around.
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